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How Long Does Levitra Last?


I’ve tried Viagra and while it works pretty well for me, I would like an ED drug that lasts a bit longer. Some friends have told me that they get longer-lasting results from Levitra. Is there really much of a difference?

Alan T., Chagrin Falls, OH

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    Your friends are right, although not by much. Levitra, as well as its generic equivalent, vardenafil hydrochloride, do last longer than Viagra but not by that much. While Viagra’s duration of effects usually ranges from three to four hours, that of Levitra and its generic equivalent is typically about five hours. If that extra hour or two is enough for you, by all means, go for it.


    One potential argument for switching from Viagra to Levitra is the latter’s somewhat lower cost. In a recent comparison of prices between the two ED drugs, it was found that the average price for a recommended starting dose — 10 milligrams — of Levitra was almost $10 cheaper than a recommended starting dose — 50 milligrams — of Viagra, $28.99 for Levitra vs. $38.75 for Viagra.


    Opting for either of these medications’ generic equivalents could save you even more.


    Who Is ED Staff

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