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What Does Walmart Charge for Sildenafil 100MG?


I buy most of my prescription drugs from the local Walmart, which is convenient because I also shop there regularly for groceries and other products. My doctor recently prescribed Viagra or sildenafil citrate, which I guess is its generic form.

I would like to know how much Walmart usually charges for a 100-milligram tablet of sildenafil. And are Walmart’s prices uniform across the nation, or do they vary sharply by geographic region?

Geoffrey W., Briarcliff Manor, NY

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  1. Answer:

    Although there may occasionally be some price variation from one Walmart store to another, it is usually very slight. A recent price check of Walmart’s price for 10 sildenafil tablets of 100 milligrams each came up with an average of $289.


    If you actually need 100 milligrams to get the desired results, that works out to $28.90 per 100-milligram dose.


    However, if you can get by just fine with 50 milligrams, you can split those tablets in two to yield 20 50-milligram doses, which will set you back only $14.45 apiece.


    WhoIsED Staff

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