Desperate 58 Year Old with Erection Issues

I have to reach out here. I’m a little desperate. At age 58 and nearing the best shape I’ve been in years and with a fantastic 50-year-old girlfriend who looks 35 or so, I’m having trouble.

My insatiable girlfriend has unlimited energy and interest in sex as I’ve never seen. After a few months of fun with Viagra – Cialis does nothing for me – I’m having no reaction and this will really hurt this early friendship that I think could be long term.

Does anyone know if long term Viagra can hurt? Since divorce in 2003, I have been relying on it almost every time.

I am under a few HIGH stresses and my seek counseling now, but guys, what have you tried that works. I love sex, love the girlfriend and this is super unsettling!

I’m only 58, in shape, don’t drink, smoke, etc. This should be better.

What has anyone done to bring back that ‘boing’ reaction the moment she touches or comes close? This is life itself…well almost.

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