I am 29 and have Erectile Dysfunction Since I was 18.

I’m a 29yr old male and have had ED pretty much since losing my virginity at 18.

I had an 8 month relationship with a girl when I was 21 and ED was a factor the first couple of times we had sex but afterward it was fine and the sex was great till we split…because of this I’ve always attributed my problem to anxiety issues, this has got in the way of me meeting up with girls or chatting up girls in fear of not being able to perform, and when I have hooked up I’ve almost always had ED, but have usually persevered long enough to eventually have sex, although not using a condom which means I’m running a gauntlet lol.

I’ve been seeing a psychosexual therapist every couple of months for the last year or so and although its good to vent my issues its never really helped me overcome ED.

I have used Cialis and have never had a really good experience with it but I have mainly used it after going out drinking.

Last few months I’ve been reading about this porn-induced ED which I never knew existed, I have used porn pretty regularly since about 16 and with my sex life being pretty poor always viewed it as a backup – do people think porn-induced ED is legit?

Not sure whether my condition is anxiety or porn-related now, I’m gonna try quitting the porn which may be easier said than done, still think it’s main anxiety-related tho so need to try and overcome that.

Also, do things like l-arginine work and would people recommend this or any other supplements in the ongoing battle against ED???

Thanks to anyone who reads all this and for any advice or feedback you have.

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  1. Answer:

    Everyone is different, reactions to these drugs vary a lot and Cialis does take some time to get into your system (in my case, +2 hours before sex).


    Have you tried the new Cialis one a day? It could be a good option in your case, ask your doctor about it.


    WhoIsED Staff

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