I am Trying to Get My Erectile Dysfunction Medications to Work Better

How long do these Erectile Dysfunction medications take to start working?
Hi, I’m in my early thirties I have ED since I was 24…

Severity has turned from mild to severe. Recently (ie for the last 9 months) Viagra, Cialis Levitra don’t seem to work at ALL. It feels like the problem got really really worse ALL of a sudden.

After doing extensive research, I am on the list of natural supplements that seem to have worked wonders for people with ED for years even 10 years or more.

I have also been using Testogel (now and again) but can’t see any wonders or SUDDEN pleasant changes in terms of being 18 again hard ERECTIONs. CAN’T WAIT

I have been on this for 1 week and I am waiting for that 18-year-old teen super ROCK HARD erection to arrive in the mornings yet nothing happens. Is it too early?

How long does this Citrulline, Argine, Pyncnogenol combination work? This seems to have worked for most people ..will it work for me.

How long does it take to kick in? It seems to have worked from days to Months for some people and cured them completely.

I am learning to manage my expectations because my ED has got so bad I’m scared of losing my girl and life seems worthless without sex let alone good sex. I am very optimistic about the results though.

This has caused me great concern and my life is worthless, I have just met a woman of my dreams, sexy horny Always, young, extremely pretty curvy, etc she is trying to be understanding but I sense a burning frustration inside her.
I don’t even get sexually aroused easily anymore, my body doesn’t respond to sexy sensual touches from her that translates into erections.
I have read tons of stuff about ED and I am trying to attack it from all angles ie arousal in the brain

1. From brain chemicals ie Dopamine, Serotonin, etc,

2. Nitric oxide boosters, Endothelial (blood vessel)

3. Causes poor circulation

4. Hormonal imbalance

I am fit for my age and push myself so hard with exercising. Help someone share your tips to success. I can’t remember last time I had a “natural spontaneous erection. Can’t wait to get HARD QUALITY morning erections again

I also have poor refractory and can usually have sex only once and have to wait for a while before I can attempt another.

These problems are on my mind a lot …help someone shares your successful experiences

Michael, D

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